Racial Injustice Against African Americans

Stand Up Against Discrimination of African-Americans

Racial Injustice Against African Americans
Raised: $45,000
Goal: $50,000


Racial Injustice Against African Americans: African-Americans are maltreated across the country for their skin color. They are more likely to get convicted and experience overlong imprisonment without the possibility of early parole. One study in the United States revealed that resumes with white-sounding names have a 50% higher chance of receiving a response than black names. The ratio of unemployment for African-Americans to white Americans is 2:1. If they get hired, blacks are given 25% less stipend than their white counterparts.

League of United African American is a non-profit organization that helps African-Americans to stand up against oppression. We enlighten black people about their legal rights to raise voice against unfair discrimination at educational institutions, workplaces, hospitals, and more to put an end to the never-ending tyranny against them.

We need your support to alleviate racism in the country and provide an equal voice to the people of color. Join us in creating awareness and educating the masses to transform our society!

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