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The Real Inventors

Despite the atrocities faced by the Black community, the people have actively contributed to the well-being of society. We have people like Garret Morgan, who created a three-position traffic light, Lewis Howard Latimer, who invented an evaporative air conditioner, and Madam C.J.Walker, who is recorded as the first female self-made millionaire in Guinness World Records, and whose life inspired the Netflix series Self Made, is so compelling.Feb 22, 2021. We are proud of these and thousands of others who invented great things irrespective of limited opportunities. We only wonder what these people will do with equal opportunities and exposure.

  • Lonnie Johnson

    Lonnie George Johnson is an African-American aerospace engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur who worked with U.S Air Force and NASA. Lonnie is best known for creating the Super Soaker water cannon, which became one of the world's bestselling toys.

  • Frederick McKinley Jones

    Frederick McKinley Jones was an entrepreneur, inventor, and winner of the National Medal of Technology. He developed the first automated truck refrigeration system and improved long-distance transportation of perishable products.

  • Otis Boykin

    Otis Boykin invented electrical resistors that are used in computing, missile guidance, and pacemakers. His wire precision resistor is capable of enduring high temperature and pressure fluctuations. He patented over 26 devices.

  • Alexander Miles

    Alexander Miles was a businessman and entrepreneur recognized for developing elevator doors that could open and close automatically. He devised an automated system that, when the cage moved, blocked access to the shaft.

  • Mark Dean

    Mark E. Dean is a computer engineer who co-inventing personal computers, which revolutionized the technology world. He is also the co-creator of three of the nine PC patents and was the first-ever African-American IBM Fellow.

  • Benjamin Banneker

    Benjamin Banneker was an American inventor, landowner, almanack author, and surveyor who reportedly completed a wooden clock that stuck on the hour. He assisted in a survey that established the original borders of the District of Columbia.

  • Sarah Boone

    Sarah Boone is recognized for her unique ironing board innovations. Her ironing board improved the quality of ironing women garments as it was narrow, curved, and made of wood. Her inventions in home technology are highly applauded.

  • Henry Blair

    Henry Blair was an inventor and the second African American to get a patent after Sarah Boone. He is famous for inventing the corn planter and the automated cotton planter. His innovations boosted corn and cotton farming output.

  • Benjamin Bradley

    Benjamin Bradley was an engineer and inventor, born as a slave yet developed mechanical skills to build a steam engine out of a gun barrel, steel, pewter, and other materials. His work in building steam engines is unmatched.

  • Jerry Lawson

    Jerry Lawson was a game designer and electronic engineer. He is recognized for inventing the Fairchild Channel F video game system and heading the commercial video cartridge team.

  • Robert F. Flemming Jr.

    Robert was an inventor and Union sailor during the American Civil War. On March 3, 1886, he invented a guitar that he claimed would produce more resonant and louder sound than other guitars.

  • Bessie Blount Griffin

    Bessie Blount Griffin was a forensic scientist, writer, nurse, physical therapist, and inventor. She is well-known for developing a feeding gadget and teaching amputee veterans to write with their teeth and feet. She also worked as a forensic handwriting analyzer.

  • Ellen Eglin

    Ellen Eglin created a mechanical clothes wringer. It was a game-changer in the automation of washing clothing at the time. Some of the components are still utilized in modern mops, and Ellen’s invention continues to inspire modern mops.

  • Augustus Jackson

    Augustus Jackson worked as an ice cream maker and confectioner, and a cook at the White House. He is recognized as the Father of Ice Cream and a pioneer for several modern ice cream manufacturing methods. Although Jackson did not develop ice cream, his ice cream recipes became well-known.

  • Emmett Chappelle

    Emmett Chappelle contributed significantly to medicine, charity, food science, and astrochemistry. He created procedures for detecting germs in urine, blood, spinal fluids, water, and foods.

  • John Parker

    John P. Parker was an abolitionist, inventor, iron moulder, and businessman. He invented and patented several mechanical and industrial devices, including the John P. Parker tobacco press and harrow.



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Statistics on Racial Inequality
in the United States

  • 81%
    Black Men

    8 in 10 Black men with at least some college experience reported facing racial discrimination.

  • 33
    Black Children

    1 in 3 Black children live below the poverty line.

  • 38
    Black Women

    Are paid less than white men and 21% less than white women.

  • 3X
    Black People

    Are more likely to be killed by the police than white people.

  • 98.3%
    Police Killings

    From 2013-2020, 98.3% of police killings of Blacks have not resulted in officers being convicted.