Mother Against Bullying (M.A.B)

Mother Against Bullying

Living in a white-dominated society and having colored skin is often a nightmare, especially for children and young adults still comprehending the deep-rooted racism around them. Black children face terrible racism in educational institutions from their white classmates and teachers. This racial discrimination leads to stress in black children, decreased performance, and lower academic motivation. We stand up against racial discrimination in educational institutes and raise our voices for minorities. We work towards institutional change to ensure that every child has access to the same resources and opportunities, irrespective of their skin color.

Fighting Social Media Harassment

Social media can be a hub for bullying and harassment as people can post anything they want without revealing their identities. This has led to massive cyberbullying and hateful content against minorities. We keep a close eye on such content and go above and beyond in having it removed. Our team actively participates in social media groups to foster an inclusive environment for the minorities and black communities. We make sure that the Internet is a space for all and use it to draw attention towards subtle bullying that takes place every day. We are also working towards making regulations where all forms of racial bullying are banned on social media. Until then, we show our unconditional support for young black adults that are bullied for their skin color on social media.

Towards a Non-Discriminating World

Our goal is to make this world a place for everyone, regardless of race or skin color. Racism has forever existed, but we want to make people conscious of their racial behaviors and attitudes. With Mother Against Bullying, our aim is to reduce the cases of bullying and discrimination in educational institutes, corporates, social media, and other platforms. We want black children and minorities to feel protected and taken care of, and that’s what we are all about.

Statistics on Racial Inequality
in the United States

  • 81%
    Black Men

    8 in 10 Black men with at least some college experience reported facing racial discrimination.

  • 33
    Black Children

    1 in 3 Black children live below the poverty line.

  • 38
    Black Women

    Are paid less than white men and 21% less than white women.

  • 3X
    Black People

    Are more likely to be killed by the police than white people.

  • 98.3%
    Police Killings

    From 2013-2020, 98.3% of police killings of Blacks have not resulted in officers being convicted.

Join Us Against the Inequality!

Your little contribution will help us serve the Black community in fighting for their fundamental rights and giving them necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and education. Join us as we rise against Black injustice.

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