5 Ways the #MeToo Movement is Empowering Black Women

11, Jun 2021

Movement is Empowering Black Women


What is the #MeToo Movement?

The #metoomovement was founded by Tarana Burke (an American activist) more than a decade ago. She aimed to convey the message of ‘you’re being heard and understood’ for sexual assault survivors and rape victims. It is a campaign that was originally founded in 2006, which later got the recognition it deserved by late 2017 when many influential celebrities opened about their past experiences and trauma.

Although a ‘woman of color’ founded the movement, the scenario became utterly different when it came to implications. First, the cases reported by the woman of color weren’t generally taken into consideration. Second, even if they were, it would either end up with consolation, condolences, or financial restitution for the trauma in rare cases.

However, as years slipped by and celebrities with color also emerged with their respective experiences and stories, the #metoomovement became a coordinated campaign. Since then, this movement is a root of harmony for all women irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, or background.


How Did the #MeTooMovememnt Empower Black Women Over Years?

1. Self-Defense & Prevention Techniques

#MeToo movement realized the importance of teaching black women how to stop sexual assault events. Self-defense workshops were conducted to ensure every woman of color has learned enough to prevent and minimize cases of sexual harassment.

Offices and workplaces also started to train their female employees. These training sessions explained what sexual harassment was, spread awareness about it, and helped them understand what possible actions have to be made if they are stuck in any situation.

2. Financial Support

The cases of sexual assault came way before the campaign was started. However, the #MeToo movement gave a collaborative platform to the victims. It ensured their safety at all costs, which gave them the courage to speak up about their cases.

Before the movement, many black women underwent horrible events, yet they hardly spoke up. Statistics state that for every woman of color who reports sexual assault and rape, at least fifteen women don’t register.

After the movement came into being, more black women became vocal about their experiences. The victims were so many that the government had to collect fund and then distribute it between the survivors. Women of color are now finally being acknowledged. Their existence is being valued. If any of them has to undergo such an incident, it is made sure they are taken into consideration.


3. Safer Working Environment for Black Women

According to reports and history, a black British female in customer service once said, ‘I have been touched (in inappropriate ways) and petted like an animal by strangers in the workplace and made to feel like a curiosity.’ Research and statistics show seventeen prevent of black women experienced sexual violence other than rape during their lifetime in their workplaces.

The #MeToo movement gave these black women a platform to unite and demand their fundamental rights: a safe workplace. Workplaces are now more cautious if injustice with their black women employees takes place. They are ordered to take severe actions against the culprit in these cases. If they don’t, hefty fines can be claimed from the organization or even dragged to court.


4. Increasing Support Groups

It is not easy for women, especially minorities, to be vocal about their trauma. They may feel anxious to talk about their sufferings. However, since the #MeToo campaign has become active, support groups (offline and online) have emerged. These support groups not only console black women but also help them overcome their trauma by being understanding.


5. Empowerment to Speak Up

When prevention can save you or the people around you from big disasters, you can only prevent a situation if you are confident and have courage. #MeToo movement became the source of courage for black women. It backed up the black women so they can have the courage to stand against the injustice.

If these women saw anything wrong happening with another woman in their surroundings, they became bold enough to confront the individual before they became successful in their mission.


Summing it Up

The #MeToo campaign was founded in 2006, but it matured in late 2017. Whatever the #MeToo movement had done in these five to six years for black women is phenomenal. There is so much more the #MeToo campaign has yet to achieve. The #MeToo movement is here to create a long-term impact to give women of color the sense of liberty they have always longed for. Social campaigns and movements like MeToo can motivate real change. They can make significant progress in resolving the inherent and underlying problems deep within the society.

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Statistics on Racial Inequality
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  • 81%
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    8 in 10 Black men with at least some college experience reported facing racial discrimination.

  • 33
    Black Children

    1 in 3 Black children live below the poverty line.

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