Working to Stop Black Violence

Raise Your Voice Against Racial Violence in the United States

Working to Stop Black Violence
Raised: $20,000
Goal: $35,000


Working to Stop Black Violence: Relentless exploitation and perpetual oppression against African-Americans have long existed in the United States. The fatal police shootings in the United States are increasing every passing day. In the first five months of 2021, the total number of civilians shot has reached 371, out of which 71 were African-Americans.

In addition, people of color continue to face physical and emotional abuse from the beginning of time. Our campaign aims to bring an end to the oppression and help African-Americans in the United States live safe life.

We work tirelessly to stop black violence in the country. The campaign focuses on raising voices against the unjust treatment of black people in schools, workplaces, and other walks of life. Our program creates awareness of the struggles of being a human of color in the United States and the discrimination the black community faces. We help the black fight their case of violence and supports their legal battles.

We need your support and donations to fight black violence. Join us in the cause!

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