Why Racism-Free World is Important for the Survival of Humanity

Racism-Free World

The idea of having a racism-free world seems very alien to us, no? The cases of police brutality are rising, the social and economic disparity is growing, and the imbalanced distribution of power across ethnic-racial groups is creating a lot of troubles for all of us. People of color are discriminated against daily, and systemic racism that is so deeply embedded in the roots establishes white as superior and the ones who can enjoy all the privileges.

If humans want to survive in this world, they need to be respectful and tolerant of one another. The hate crime and imbalance in the distribution of resources, power, and wealth are creating conflicts among ethnic-racial groups, resulting in bloodshed and extreme hatred for one another. Surviving racism and bigotry is not an option; thus, we need to overcome them with collective efforts. Humans are the species that have a brain and know how to cooperate. Humans have built complex things like tall buildings, vast cities, and industries, sent rockets to the moon, spun satellites into space, and created seemingly simple objects like pencils. The point here is that everything required thousands of hands from all over the world – collective effort.

Since we are so intolerant of each other, we all need to work on ourselves and coordinate work to bring awareness to people. Because let’s be completely honest, deep down within us, we all are a little xenophobic, racist, sexist, and have deep bigotry within us. Some people suppress these for the well-being of society; some belief in complete compassion and equality, while some believe their race is superior and express their ideas through violence and hatred.

A racism-free world is important because we humans absorb and soak up the cultural context and other’s ideas, behaviors, and attitudes like a sponge; therefore, if you are constantly living between people who are racist and intolerant, within no time, you will also start stigmatizing others along with distrust and aggression developing within us.

Recent years and experiences have been tough for all of us. Videos and cruel images on the internet have made us realize that racism has gone to a new height, so much so that almost every day we see black families grieving over the loss of their loved ones in public. Racism is immoral and a threat to humanity. Therefore, it is vital to put an end to racist behavior; we must work together to establish a racism-free world. Here is why a racism-free world is important for our survival.

Racism-Free World

Surviving With Racism That Is So Deep-Rooted Is Impossible

Racism and its root are so deeply penetrated into our systems for so long that it has established hatred to such an extent that people do not even think twice before killing someone. The growing social and economic disparity is ruining the living standards of people of color, and constant neglect and imbalanced distribution of power are creating more conflict. This will drive people to commit more crimes of hatred. Thus, in order to survive peacefully, a racism-free world is important.

Racism Shatters Lives And Stunts Development

Billions of people all over the world are affected because of racism and the violence it causes. Low-income people are unable to fulfill their necessary needs, and thus, their lives are shattered. Therefore, we urge people to fight and overcome these challenges and establish a racism-free world where one message about peace, justice, equality, and co-existence should be delivered.

From affecting individual lives to entire nations, racism – which is deeply rooted in the system, even causes countries to crash and stunts their development. Racism impoverishes the entire economy. It is a fact that if a racism-free world is created and practices like segregation and redlining are abolished, the countries would start generating twice the money they are generating now.

Racism-Free World

Severe effect on climate

The heading might not make sense to you, but it is true; without racism, climate change wouldn’t have occurred with such intensity and on such a large scale. Racism affects the biodiversity in the world. The neighborhoods that are racially minoritized are located near the industrial dumping sites. Since these are such neglected areas, there are fewer trees found, and the pollution causes a rise in temperature along with the spreading of diseases and pests. In a racism-free world where every area would get the same level of attention and resources because there will be no segregation and thus, the progression of climate change will slow down.

It Affects Health

Racism has been identified as a public health crisis in the world. It affects both the physical and mental health of people suffering. The segregated areas, especially the racially discriminated and low-income areas, where people can not afford treatment, racism can provide sinister health challenges like chronic stress and trauma because of humiliation; further, the stress can result in physical symptoms like a heart attack.