Black Lives Matter – How Far has the Movement Come & How it is Benefiting the People

Black Lives Matter:

Starting back in 2013, black lives matter has become one of the largest civil movements in the history of the USA that garnered attention and support worldwide.

Black Lives Matter not only brings attention to the cruelty and injustice faced by the black people but also to the systemic racism embedded in the system and government for so long and has been plaguing American society for so long.

Further, Black Lives Matter demands accountability from the police and law enforcement who kills and encounter people based on their skin color.

The black community faces so many issues, and thus, under the slogan of Black Lives Matter, we all march and stand in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters.

From spreading awareness to protesting to bring change, Black Lives Matter has come so far, and now it has really been making a strong impact.

After the death of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement has risen to a whole new level where people are demanding justice, equality, and peace.

When the video of a white police officer kneeling down on George’s neck went viral on the internet, it reminded people of the everyday abuse and discrimination black Americans face every day.

It sparked the US’s biggest protest where around 80k+ people came, and under the slogan of Black Lives Matter, they highlighted racism and inequality and raised their voice against it.

The injustice, racist remarks, and discrimination dates back to the time of slavery; however, lynching black people and depriving them of their rights continues to even today.

If we focus on how far Black Lives Matter has come, after seeing thousands and thousands of people on the street, chanting slogans against racism, it is safe to say that people have understood that the intensity of the hate crime is so much and problems are so deeper that they required to come on roads and stand firmly with the black community.

The main aim of Black Lives Matter was to stand against police brutality and racism and ensure that blacks were treated equally. Further, it demanded voting rights for the LGBT community.

We proudly tell you that Black Lives Matter has come so far and has achieved so much that for the first time, racism is recognized as a public health crisis. It has been studied that targeted people are most likely to get diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Furthermore, the movement has come so far that after the intense protest at the death of George Floyd, 24 states have completely restricted the use of chokeholds by the police. Therefore, police are not allowed to bring any black men down and hold them in a chokehold for no apparent reason. Moreover, Black Lives Matter has put a lot of emphasis on inclusivity and diversity. Therefore, many school districts have opted for racial equity policies which will not help children interact with one another, but the segregation that still exists will come to an end.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter has also made people realize how discrimination, racism, and fear can take a toll on mental health. Therefore, for children’s safety and healthy well-being, many schools and colleges have withdrawn or ended their contracts with the police department. In order to protect the mental health of students, the police are not allowed to come within the school premises.

Black Lives Matter has always highlighted the sacrifices African Americans have made and how they have shaped US history. To teach the next generation about inclusivity, many schools are updating their curricula and include books from diverse authors, histories, and subjects.

Black Lives Matter And Its Benefits

Black Lives Matter, as an organization and all the people associated with it, is paving the way for the younger generation so that they know how important it is to raise their voices against injustice and racism. Black Lives Matter provides guidance, materials, assistance, and framework to new activists, so they know how to fight this war.

Further, Black Lives Matter and their protest make the black community realize that they are not fighting this war alone, but people from other racial backgrounds are standing with them in solidarity. Black Lives Matter protest and its narrative have a very strong tremendous impact on the communities that are suffering. This makes them realize that they are heard and that people are with them to end systemic racism. We honor their contributions and struggles; without them, America wouldn’t be standing where it is now.

The issues and cases Black Lives Matter discuss or raises within social work as a reminder that ending racism, discrimination, and oppression is urgent. People not only listen about the issues, but they learn how they can use their privilege to help others and become better allies to the black community. Use your privilege to advance fairness and equity, and help build the people of color a country where they are treated equally.