Black Communities: All That You Need to Know About Organizations Working for Their Rights

Black Communities:

It seems like every other day we hear the news about the injustice that has been happening to black communities in the United States of America. Murders, killing, police brutality, inequality, systemic racism – these words have been floating around, creating a stir, and bringing global attention to the black communities that are plunged into darkness. We all know it is not something new they are facing – the torture and the persecution that started during the era of American slavery have been passed down from generation to generation. More than four generations of black communities have suffered this violence but now people are coming forward and encouraging people of the black community to stand up for themselves. It is like every time you open Twitter you can’t close it without seeing a new article, post, or thread about how people were just because they were black. Try putting yourself in those shoes, imagine living with constant fear and a feeling that you might get shot by a police officer or getting attacked by white supremacists just because of your skin color. It is terrifying and traumatizing.

Now that more and more people are understanding these problems – they are raising their voices against injustice in various ways. From protesting to boycotting, running campaigns, and signing petitions – people are doing everything they can to be part of this fight and to eradicate racism and inequality from American society. However, there is a still long way to go. Many organizations and non-profit foundations have stepped up to help out black communities. Such foundations have made us realize that feeling sad by injustice and inequality is going to take us nowhere. We must stand in solidarity with one another and help our black sisters and brother out as much as we can. It is time to build a world beyond racism and inequality – where every one of us stands up against racial stereotypes, negative attitudes, and prejudices.

It is time that you also join hands for this cause. You can also help black communities out by investing your time, money, and other resources in these organizations which are working tirelessly to empower black people.



Luaac has emerged as one of the strongest most powerful organizations that are working, raising awareness, and bridging the gap between underprivileged and impoverished black people and those people who are willing o help them out. Luaac has aim to achieve equality and liberation – they understand the grieving heart of our black brothers and sisters and the trauma they had to go through every single day. Hate crimes are rapidly increasing and with discrimination reaching its peak – it is quite clear that black communities in America are deprived of their basic right to education, health, housing, and even food. Thus, luaac works to provide them food so that no person sleeps on an empty stomach, education to ensure that black kids have a successful life ahead, and to enhance their socio-economic status in society. They take one day at a time to hear, work, and build a better accepting society that is inclusive and safe for every person – no matter which race they belong or what color of their skin is.

Black Founders

One of the major reasons behind this level of discrimination against black communities is the economic disparity gap that exists and is growing with time. According to statistics, whites are more likely to get selected and interviewed for the job and they have extremely high wages as compared to their black counterparts. Without proper resources, and education, and due to racial inequality and injustice – the people of black communities do not acquire the stable job. This is when organizations like black founders come in and mentor and encourage the back youth to understand entrepreneurship and also invest capital in their business. The objective of Black Founders is to elevate the number of successful black entrepreneurs in technology.

Black Communities

Black Women For Wellness

We all are very much aware of how big the economic and health gap is there – that exist between blacks and white. Therefore, this California-based organization is working to ensure that every black woman gets the healthcare they deserve. Health and wellness are not just related to medical care, since it’s a broad term, this organization covers and assists with healthy cooking, environmental justice, sex education, and much more.

Tiger Mountain Foundation

Housing has always been a huge issue for the people of black communities. Old traditional extremely racial practices like redlining have made it difficult for black people to obtain houses in nice neighborhoods. Therefore, this organization is working to revitalize black neighborhoods so that they can have a clean environment around them which will further keep them healthy. Moreover, the rise of police brutality and unjust arrests of black people has also become a huge problem. The tiger mountain foundation also works with the justice and parole system to ensure that no person faces injustices.